The trips follow a general pattern that has proved to work.
People CALL us +372 505 5702 and say which date they prefer and how many people want to come. We book the canoes (for canoers from 1 to about 60, depending on the river – on some rivers the group has to be about 12 or more, on some rivers we’ll come with you even if you are alone).
Usually the trips start at about 10 in the morning, and on Saturdays there is sometimes another trip in the afternoon. We’ll fix the time and place of meeting with the guide. That’s where you’ll get ready to go to the river (clothing, snacks etc).
The drivers take the cars to the finish of the trip and we take the drivers back to the start of the trip.
Everybody can choose a life-jacket (there are special ones for children, so you should tell the number and age of the children when booking the trip) and a paddle.
The beginners are told how to use the paddle and off the canoers go. The canoers are free to paddle as slowly or as fast as they want to, or as they have agreed between the two of them – it can be tricky sometimes! We do not interfere if everything is O.K. , but we’ll be there on the riverbank from time to time to make sure everything really is O.K.
In the middle of the trip there is a stop to eat for everyone.

The things you might need:

  • woollen socks – they keep warm even if they get wet
  • a raincoat or a big plastic bag in case it happens to rain – you never know in Estonia
  • extra clothing and footwear in the car in case you get wet. Don’t wear brand-new things to avoid getting distressed if they’e muddy at the end of the trip. Better have too many than too few. Our weather can be very changing and unpredictable, especially in spring.
  • a baseball cap or something in sunny weather
  • a plastic bag or something for the things you decide to take into the canoe. A light snack or soft drinks could be useful.